A famous scion: Augustus Christopher Count of Wackerbarth

Augustus Christopher, Count of Wackerbarth was born in Kogel on 22 March 1662. At the age of 17 he began his apprentice years as a page at the Palatine court. After numerous educational trips the Count of Wackerbarth began his military career in 1690 / 1691. Later he increasingly undertook political tasks in the service of the Saxon court. From 1710 onwards Wackerbarth was privy councillor among other things and held the office of cabinet minister. As Dresden's governor Wackerbarth is however remembered today above all for the building work he commissioned. He accompanied Georg Bähr's designs for the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) with critical comments and donated a fortune from his private coffers for the building. As one of Augustus the Strong's closest confidants, the Count of Wackerbarth had architects such as Pöppelmann or Knöffel under his control. Johann Christoph Knöffel did not only deliver the first design for the building of Dresden's Frauenkirche in 1722; in 1730 he also constructed Wackerbarth's Lößnitz wine-growing estate with a baroque manor house, generous gardens and private quarters in the form of the belvedere.

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Strong Augustus' weakness

At the latest since the 17th century Schloss Wackerbarth is also a synonym for fine wines and royal joie de vivre. And then there's the sparkling wine! Its class also originates from a house of tradition, namely the sparkling wine producer "Bussard." It was founded in the year 1836 here in Lößnitz; today it is the second oldest German sparkling wine producer overall. Only Saxon grapes were used in the process of bottle fermentation to create a sparkling pleasure. In this way the foundation stone was laid for our delicately fruity sparkling wine specialities.

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The roots of Schloss Wackerbarth

"Schloss Wackerbarth. Exquisitely Saxon." Four words that promise a lot. For a good reason because the quality standards of our wine and sparkling wine are based on great traditions. One of our most prominent customers was after all none other than Augustus the Strong. It is common knowledge that he devoted himself particularly passionately to Saxon wine while at the same time actively supporting local viticulture.

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