What is typically Wackerbarth?

850 years of viticulture in Saxony are a valuable inheritance. Above all it must be maintained as well asmanaged! As a State-owned wine-growing estate we are, among other things, a cultural ambassador for the
whole of Saxony, in particular beyond the State boundaries. Today wine is a market with heavy competition.
Only a supplier who serves a demanding clientèle successfully can really join such a market, a
supplier whose products are ennobled by distinction! Wine is always a sensory expression of its very own
provenance. It is our task to build on this characteristic for and within Saxony. This is done in the form
of a festival for many senses: taste, smell, sight, touch. Our claim comes to a point: exquisitely Saxon.

The grounds for all decisions

First of all the following principles point us in the right direction in our work and for our success:

Quality not quantity!

Cultivating wine north of the 51st degree of latitude is not only difficult and involves certain risks; it also
places especially high demands on the production of premium wines. In particular it requires a competent
wine-grower and vintner. Due to the exquisite character of the wines and our self-imposed quantity restrictions,
our wines have acquired the status of rarities.

Schloss Wackerbarth's premium standards define and run through all of the working procedures in our
establishment, from cutting the vines to the "cut" in marketing. Of course, the exceptional quality develops
primarily in the vineyard. This quality is maintained in the cellar by careful cultivation with the help
of the most modern technology. Also, appropriate to the contents, our wines and sparkling wines have a
high quality presentation.


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