The Count of Wackerbarth purchases several plots of land in the Radebeul area, hillside vineyards as well as field and meadow plots. He commissions the court architect Johann Christoph Knöffel to build "Wackerbarth's Ruh" - "Wackerbarth's peace and quiet."

1734 - 1764

The Count of Wackerbarth dies on the 14 August 1734. His adopted son Joseph Anton Gabaleon von Wackerbarth-Salmour takes over the complete estate. After his death the estate is auctioned according to his orders and the proceeds are donated to the poor.

1809 - 1846

Schloss "Wackerbarth's Ruh" and the vineyards belonging to it change owners several times.


The Niederlößnitz champagne factory (later named "Bussard") is founded close to Wackerbarth's Ruh.

1928 - 1945

The Saxon State Bank purchases the estate at auction. When Dresden is captured the State wine-growing estate Wackerbarth's Ruh is handed over to the Soviet troops.

1948 - 1953

In 1948 Schloss Wackerbarth starts trading under the name of "Staatsweingut Lößnitz" (State-owned wine-growing estate of Lößnitz) which changes its name one year later to "VEG Weinbau Lößnitz" (VEG Wine Cultivation Lößnitz). The vineyards are now under the control of the Ministry for Agriculture. The merger with "Volksweingut Radebeul" (People's Wine-growing Estate Radebeul) follows in 1950.

1958 - 1969

Schloss Wackerbarth begins producing sparkling wine in 1958. Elb valley wines and sparkling wine using tank fermentation are now developed parallel to one another. Bussard, the sparkling wine producer, is however still making sparkling wine using the Champagne method, classic bottle fermentation. Between the years 1967 and 1969 a modern production hall for sparkling wine is erected on the grounds of the estate.

1992 - 1999

The Saxon State Ministry for Agriculture in the Free State of Saxon takes over the business in 1992 as "Sächsisches Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth" (Saxon State-owned Wine-growing Estate Schloss Wackerbarth). In 1998 Saxon's Cabinet decides to continue running the estate as a subsidiary company of Saxon's Reconstruction Bank. On 1 September 1999 the "Sächsische Staatsweingut GmbH Schloss Wackerbarth" (Saxon State Wine-growing Estate Schloss Wackerbarth) is finally founded as a limited liability company and 100% subsidiary of the Saxon Reconstruction Bank.


Extensive renovation work begins at Wackerbarth. The goal is to turn the baroque ambience into a new experience. Alongside the renovations of the historic structure a production plant for wine and sparkling wine is constructed as an independent new building. Parallel to this the new company policy is decided upon: consequent quality orientation from the vineyards to the cellar.

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