The fine Saxon style of enjoyment has deep roots in Schloss Wackerbarth's history. Furthermore, pleasure is an important part of Saxon identity.

We have cultivated this inheritance and given it a contemporary character with the »Schloss Wackerbarth» experience! This experience has many facets - ambience, wine, sparkling wine, cuisine and culture. These could also gladly be supporting acts at your function.

We receive your guests with exquisite wines, fine sparkling wines and Saxon hospitality, whether it be for delightful tours or exciting wine tastings. Playfully discover what your sense of smell can perceive in the aromas game or let yourself be carried away to the exciting world of wine and cheese. Allow our head chef to fill you with enthusiasm for exquisitely Saxon pleasure or integrate our delightful events as supporting acts for your function.

Sächsisches Staatsweingut GmbH
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01445 Radebeul
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